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An affordable option for Adventurous Beginners

Are you new to sewing, but don't need a whole beginner lesson? Join us during the week and we will help you get you set up on one of our machines (Sewing, Serger, Coverstitich). Bring your own project or mending and we'll be available at every step of the way, but give you space when you've got the hang of it! 

Don't have a project in mind? We have free fabric, patterns, or projects you can try out, just grab some free fabric from the community cart (or purchase something special from our curated selection of deadstock) and get to making.

This session is during business hours, so while we are here for direction, advice, troubleshooting, and creative suggestions whenever you need it, we'll step back and let you take it away!

A low cost, low commitment way to practice sewing, for those who feel a bit unsteady to rock out on their own. 

This two hour sewing session includes use of any domestic machines, sewing, serger, ironing station, dress from, large cutting table, thread where available, use of tools (scissors, pins, etc), and a 10% discount on all fabrics, notions, and PDF printing!

Need a little more time to finish your project? During business hours, you can stay and Sew By The Hour for $5/hr.



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