Custom Order Face Covering, Bright Botanicals on Brown

Custom Order Face Covering, Bright Botanicals on Brown

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Items are made to order, please allow up to 1 week for processing. 

Bright pink flowers with lush green foliage on a muted brown background, 100% cotton.

Our face masks are designed to fit snuggly over nose and chin with a curved channel across the nose bridge for inserting a removable wire (included with adult and youth orders). This design is especially helpful for glasses wearers. Two layers of cotton or cotton blends with a pocket for a filter.


    • Long ties, made of soft, stretchy tencel jersey fit snugly and comfortably
    • OR easy to slip-on adjustable ELASTIC ear loops
    • Removable coated wire included in the nose piece
    • Non-woven blue shop towel filter included for initial use
    • Made in Hamilton, Canada from sustainable fabrics
    • Masks are available in 5 sizes
    • Orders of 5 or more masks will include a  FREE washing and travel bag.



    Our non-medical fitted face masks are made of soft fabrics in 100% cotton or cotton blends in contrasting colours so the inside and outsides are easily distinguishable (inside fabric may vary). We use upcycled and deadstock scrap fabrics in the masks and straps to reduce textile waste and the impact on the environment. Mask body is made from soft and breathable woven cotton blends, straps are made from eco-tencel, a soft jersey knit for better comfort and fit, OR adjustable elastic ear loops.

    Masks have openings at the side to add a removable filter. Health professionals have recommended using non-woven blue shop towels as a possible non-medical filter (one sheet included with your mask purchase to get you started). Other possible filters for non-medical masks are: dried unscented baby wipes, coffee filters, non-woven, sew in interfacing, or even a folded paper towel.

    removable coated wire is included in all adult and youth masks. If you lose your wire you can use an unfolded paperclip, garden wire, a twist tie, or a pipe cleaner in it's place.


      • Please wash your mask after daily use.
      • Remove nose wire and filter when machine washing.
      • Masks can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent using a laundry bag or by hand.
      • Tumble dry in low heat or air dry.
      • Do not dry clean.


      This face mask is not meant to replace a surgical or N95 face mask, or reduce proper social distancing measures.  It is a contingency plan for those who have no availability to surgical masks in the market. Not recommended for use under 3 years old; children should always be supervised when wearing a mask and should not wear them for long periods of time or while sleeping. Contact your medical provider if you have difficulty breathing while wearing any face coverings. 

      This face covering is not guaranteed or intended to protect the wearer from viral infections, only to reduce the risk of spreading them.